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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 5, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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packed weekend bringing in an estimate ed million people into the city. there is blue grass music, a 49ers game and a giants game. there is something for everyone and we have it covered for you. the water now, watching the america's cup races. it's going to be spectacular. >> reporter: certainly is. i want to let you know moments ago the fleet racing competition for the day wrapped up. and what that means is that these participants will be in the sunday finals which we'll have right here on nbc, arta must racing white, the only american skipper in the competition, taking the second of the races, ben ainsley, the winningest skipper in all of the olympics took the first race so the standings are looking good. there was match racing with oracle team usa both in action. and one of the two teams having
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a day they would like to forget but both supporting the giant on this day. plus we'll take a trip back in time, 25 years back, to look at dennis connor and stars and stripes and their momentous victory in the 1987 america's cup, just 25 years ago, coming up in about 25 minutes. keep it here. back to you. >> thank you very much. we'll look forward to that. to the baseball diamonds we have live coverage of the a's and the giants as their postseason run gets under way. also coming up in about eight minutes. >> amidst the excitement flags at half-staff at apple headquarters. here forts the late steve jobs. it was one year ago today that he died. we'll look at apple and its future. >> october 5 is a painful day for employees of a cement
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quarry, the scene of a mass shooting. three were killed. a deputy eventually found allman hiding. marianne favro joins us. >> reporter: this is the street -- a day at work at the cement plant began with a predawn bloodbath as 47-year-old allman opened fire on his co-workers. he killed three and injured six. >> then he shot and looked at people right now, it was like a one by one thing. >> reporter: when he came to carey he says he ran out of bullets. sergeant jim post was one of the first deputies on scene. >> when we went in there was a lot of blood. you could smell the gunpowder. just the look on the people's faces, the victims.
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>> reporter: he says victims with only one gunshot wound were performing first aid to those more severely injured. allman took off making his way to this neighborhood where more than 100 deputies searched for him. they found him the next morning in a driveway. >> did not expect him to be hiding between our two cars in the driveway so he was crouched here. ba-ba-ba. >> reporter: deputies fired. the bullets came through the door and exited out the side wall. >> reporter: one year later she still has bullet holes in her walls and her husband found a fragment in his bike frame. an autopsy revealed allman died from a gunshot wound to the head. today at the cement plant the flags flew at half-staff, workers left flowers at the memorial honoring mark mun yuz,
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manuel and john, the three workers killed. men remembered with rest in peace, our brothers. >> marianne favro reporting. our business and tech reporter talks to apple watchers, ceos and apple customers on where the company is now and where it's headed. >> tonight more details about the east bay's first human death from rabies in 20 years. it involves interviewing people in nine countries. health officials outlined how the 34-year-old civilian contractor traveled between the united states, the middle east and europe. he was bit by a mexican bat in march on a visit home to southern contra costa county. the bat was on the ground. when a friend put it 18 bag the victim reached in and was bit. he could have passed rabies on to another human being. >> four people were identified and three people indicated
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perhaps contact with saliva and those people were offered and chose to receive precautionary treatment. that treatment is five injections in the arm. once people develop symptoms it's too late. it's almost always fatal. >> outside the united states a total of 23 people elected to get treatment for rabies just in case. 59 were interviewed after coming in contact with the man. he traveled to nine countries and died in july in a swiss hospital. >> hayward police shot and killed a suspected car thief after they say he failed to obey orders to show him his hands. this morning a suspicious vehicle was reported to police. the officer who arrived determined it had been stolen. when he approached the man refused to raise his hand and reached for what the officer thought was a weapon, prompting him to fire. investigators say after the
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shooting they did find a weapon in the car, but the suspect did not fire it. it is the second use of deadly force in hayward in less than two weeks. >> who will run the oakland police department? civil rights attorneys are explaining why they are asking for a federal takeover. a motion was filed to put the department in receivership, for them the final straw was the latest federal monitoring report that provided no hope the monitor criticized the department's handling of officer involved shooting and oakland demonstration. >> we can't wait for more empty promises. we can't wait for officers, many of whom, most of whom are doing a great job here at oakland, to fail to get the training and supervision that they need. >> on the flip side the mayor and the police chief have said they believe the department is moving in the right direction and will work to keep it under control control.
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>> it wasn't the first time prosecutors claim a morgan hill mother used her 10-year-old daughter more than once to shoplift. prosecutors say when employees spotted marcie stealing on september 19th it was her second attempt. they were unable to catch her two weeks earlier. she was charged with commercial burglary and a count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. a judge denied a request to release her. >> the daughter's presence in law enforcement custody at the safeway wasn't enough for her to return to the seen so i didn't think the court or the people you would be comfortable if we release her she would come back to court. >> for the 10-year-old she is staying with her grandmother for the time being. agents are auditing the meat supermarket chain after complaints about suspected illegal immigrants working at the stores. the company has joined a federal
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everify system which checks immigration status of new hires. it made the announcement. the company is trying to send a message to the public. >> basically we've been out there just to educate them because the union and other groups are throughout spreading false information. it's really important that they know they have nothing to fear. >> there are stores in the central value. >> still ahead, an undocumented grim i grant receive as chance at a new life. his chance to get a transplant is over. also. >> i'm scott budman. apple watchers and customers look back and look ahead. >> plus, two of the hottest teams in baseball, the aids, we'll have live reports from at&t park and of course from detroit too.
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>> and atop the flight deck, it's a gorgeous breezy evening. there is a chance of showers. coming back, how will that impact the big weekend? we'll have a look when we come right back. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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>> ready to have fun? whether you aren a's or giants fan, you have plenty to cheer about so far. the fun is beginning. for the first time since 2003 both teams are in the playoffs at the same time. we have both teams covered throughout the postseason. kate sin a rainy detroit for us, covering the a's, and jamie is with the giants. i know you were with us at 5:00. you had all of the players. where did they go? >> reporter: they are done with their work out for today. they will be back tomorrow and ready to go for game one. but you know, two years removed
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from the world series title this is a different giants team, both player wise and personality wise. they also clinch on the last day in 2010, they had some breathing room, time to gear up for the playoffs. and instead of the band of misfitness is a serious bunch that still likes a good time. >> very resilient, determined. we had a lot of things thrown at us, and seemingly every week with a schedule especially in the second half they played better. a lot is having a good relationship with your manager and know what his needs are. you might think one thing and the front office might think one thing but at the end of the day the manager has to put the guys in position to have success. we thought there was some areas to improve upon. each guy was hand picked because of those relative needs. >> one of the big questions facing the manager as far as the starting line-up was concerned is who was going to play left
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field, he did answer that today saying it will be gregor blanco playing left and xavier nady coming off the bench. we don't know the full roster but george contoss made the team in the bull pen. as the a's are gearing up, we now send it to kate. >> it's pouring rain here at comerica park but before the rain rolled in both the tigers and a's had a chance to get their workouts in. and they also had a chance to size up the competition. when these teams have gone head to head it's detroit that owns the series 4-3. overall the a's have the better regular season record which leaves the question who well is the under dog. >> everything is clean slate. everyone's e.r.a. is zero. get some hits, keep doing what
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we're doing. think it's a little late to check the character of this team. it's no longer, you can do fairy tales all you want but we're al west champs, we have the talent so it's no long area feel good story. >> and before the a's were the al west championship they won two out of three but now that's all in the past because it's playoff time. reporting live in detroit, kate longworth. >> a lot of excitement so kate and jamie are part of our team and that's the best spot for the best pre-game and post-game coverage of the a's and the giants. tune in an hour before the first pitch and following the final out for in depth coverage of both teams on csn bay area and california.
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>> this was a day many of us will never forget. the man behind apple, steve jobs, died a year ago today. and the company he left behind posted this tribute on their website home page just today. it's not just a global story but a local story. apple to the surprise of many has moved on and continues to thrive without its co-founder. let's bring in our reporter scott budman. >> you are right, raj. steve jobs left a big legacy. all good news for apple fans, investors and the future of silicon value. the bottom line for any company is this, products in the hands of loyal customers. >> we haven't been raesing on our lawyers. >> it's what steve jobs did west
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and what apple continues to do today. >> there is no question in my mind that apple was totally prepare forward the loss of steve jobs. >> this is iphone 5. >> a year later apple is selling iphones and ipads faster than ever. >> good. i would use it in the future. i'll use it in college. >> it's stock price is up about 70% and technology executives all over silicon valley talk about how jobs influences the way they do business. >> he was so focused. for him, use your experience with a man saying the only thing that mattered. i think there's a lot that every company can learn from that. >> doesn't surprise me that mark zukle berg, a lot of start-ups. you have somebody that made that level of success you glean from
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it. technology married with liberal arts, that yield us the result that makes our heart sink. >> as apple release as video looking back at his life, and the city of cupertino shows respect by lowering its flag. this is what jobs left behind. >> apple is the biggest thing. he built this, he built it and rebuilt it. when he came back. and i gi everything that they do in the approach to advertising, to design, to how they deal with their customers. a legacy of gadgets and customers happy to buy them. >> if you think you are steve jobs, it was business as usual. everything busy but outside the flag is there like in the city. we're being displayed at halftime. >> okay. thank you. well, he got it.
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happy ending to a story we've been following about a local man's ordeal. he has waited seven years for a kidney. today he proudly is showing off his scar and all of the post trant plant medicine after last week's life saving surgery. there was confusion whether his status affected his price on the list and where he was eligible for surgery. the story went firl, stopping donald to step in and help the situation get straightened out. >> got his word out. the press did a great job. it was a touchy story. that made it easy for me to do the rest of the work and the show -- these are programs that are available to all immigrants. >> any one who is working in the u.s. pays into immediate care and federal and estate taxes and
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should be entitled to treem. among the things he is looking forward to is taking his daughter trick or treating for halloween. >> a lot of claps, the san jose civic has reopened after a $15 million renovation. chuck reed and city leaders head a ribbon cutting. among the upgrades a $1 million video system, a new plush seating. it was paid for by mostly redevelopment funds. >> it means a lot to our downtown businesses and our economy. people come to shows, they dine, may stay overnight so there is a spin-off just very excited. >> one person was missing from this ceremony, entertainer george lopez, organizers said his plane from southern
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california got delays. >> well, a lot of pressure on this one person. a million people that are descending. going to count on you tomorrow. >> you know, everything depends on what's happening outdoors with the big weekend. we're start of one of them on the deck of a vacant island. this gigantic ship, how about the green powered types of wind powered craft with the america's cup. they have wrapped up their competition. we saw these boats get back. we had good conditions for the race. the winds were picking up. those helped to drop our temperatures big time. let's look at some of the temperatures. you'll see fairly cool numbers that earlier in the week were 90. we'll look at 50s and 60s through the evening and the
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winds out here in san francisco, kind of breezy. 15 to 25 miles per hour. looking at the fleet week forecast if we've got an upper level low. then plain english. we're expecting partly cloudy skies, in the 60s, the america's pup wins, up to 20 miles per hour. should see temperatures in the low to mid-60s there too. the national league division series gets under way tomorrow. we'll see numbers in the upper 60s. lastly, over to sunday we'll look at the 49ers forecast. temperatures in thess for sunday. you notice the numbers are cool. that's one part of the story. temperaturewise not too bad including blue grass at golden gate park. you'll be fine. late in the weekend where things could get interesting. sunday into monday, we're
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tracking a chance of showers showing up. coming up a full look at that and what it means for the rest of your weekend plans. back to you. >> thanks a lot, rob. let's keep that rain off until next week. another reason to stay out of your car this weekend. gas prices sparked again. how high are they going to go and when will they fall. >> a busy san francisco street, blocked off and thousands waiting anxiously but for what.
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>> reaching for a life line. city college will get a special trustee to oversee the troubled school. the college's request has been
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approved by the community college's board of governors, the national commission has given until october 15 to produce an action plan to address its financial plan and management issues. the school has a mandate to turn itself around by march or face the possibility of closure in june. >> not hundreds but thousands of people lined up for the opening of a new department store, have you heard of unique low. a street had to be blocked off to hold all of the people in line. inside shoppers rushed to take advantage of deals. the company boast low cost japanese fashion with a twist. shoppers can pose in front of digital clothes they might by in different colors. >> just the hype. i heard a lot about it.
6:26 pm
like i would say it probably would be similar to h and m but its own brand. there's not that many japanese stores as well. >> a fifth location, the first on the west coast. the san francisco store is hiring. >> still ahead, $5 fears a reality in california. high scoot prices in their wallet. we'll show you where it is the stevest. >> also. i'm lauren scott at the america's sub. think back to where you were in 1987, that is the topic, a history lesson. donner car taking the cup back. we'll show you the match racing action on the bay. that much more coming up in a bit. >> beautiful situation. what is blamed for grounding flights. ♪
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>> have you gone to the gas station in 24 hours? you are in for a rude awakening. a spike overnight in prices, 5 bucks a gallon. the recent richmond refinery fire is part of the reason why. jodi hernandez joins us in concord and do i dare ask what happens in the next 24 hours? >> reporter: i don't want to know. i checked at the gas station leaving folks with a serious taste of sticker shock. the price went up 24 cents in just a day. the price is even steeper at other bay area goes station. so fueling up has people fired up. >> i remember, used to be 2 1/2, 3 dollars, like today it's a whole paycheck. >> with gas prices now near the
6:30 pm
$5 mark, its tough to make your dollars go far. >> near record highs, some stations have hiked prices 24 cents in just today. causing a lot of pain at the pump. especially people that have ard economic times. >> aaa says the bay area's prices are the highest in the nation. they say pipeline problems and refinery outages including reduced capacity at the richmond plant after the recent fire have caused prices to sore. all of that put together has created the perfect storm and has driven prices up significantly. because there is a perceived reality there is a shortage of fast 0 lean. it's the tightening of supplies. means tightening the boat for
6:31 pm
many. for others resorting to other modes of transportation. >> i drive maybe if i'm -- i'm thinking about buyinging a bike. seriously. >> spot sent $100 filling up his work truck and will have to pay up to fill up again. >> 130. >> we're back live at rotten robby where things are slow for a friday night. the cost of kos is probably the reason why. a guy told me a week ago he paid 3.99 for a gas, tonight he paid 4: 4:59. recording live, jodi hernandez nbc bay area news. >> he may be dead but the
6:32 pm
investigation is not over. several girls have fum forward that he knows by a middle school teacher. he was town get. now police have confirmed that he did kill himself. but they add the investigation will move forward until they check into all the allegations. >> decision 2012. a sharp drop in the unemployment rate is giving president obama a boost today. the unemployment rate fell to 7.8%, marking the first time it's below 8% during the observe presency. mitt romney in virginia's coal company argued that the numbers seem better than they are. >> when i'm president of the united states, that unemployment rate is going to come down.
6:33 pm
not because people are giving up and dropping out of the work force but because we're creating more jobs. >> today's news is not an excuse to try to talk down the economy to score a few political points. it's a reminder this country has come too far to turn back now. >> the next jobs report comes out four days before the election. >> a bay area flight was -- there were loose passenger seats. a flight was among the flights grounded for the day so repairs could be made. american airlines announced the fix for the problem. it says wear and tear, poor design and possibly even spilt coca-cola for causing opinions to come out of the assembly which attaches the seat to the floor. was it 757s when the airline
6:34 pm
reconfigured them. the airline seats, repairs will be innished tomorrow. >> giant, 49er, something for everybody on this which issiest weekend of the year. it's amazing to watch that america's cup. we bring in lauren scott. how is it going. >> she sure is. back at pier 32 all 11 of them. and the fleet, it was the match racing that got interesting. cirrusle kuts not hitting a boat but almost as controversial. take a look. >> on a day of racing where we thought bay area olympic standout riding along with emrit's team and one of the winningest skipper, ben ainsley,
6:35 pm
took round two of the america's cup world series. we saw cirrusle kuts supporting the giants with the logo on his boat and in what looked like a victory, there was one of the targets. and did not finish so the swedish red team, taking out ainsley in the day's second maf race. the finals of match racing set for saturday on the bay. >> now let's go back in the time machine to 1987. think about it. you 2 is on the radio. and "dirty dancing" was playing. nobody put bobby in a corner. you've got dennis connor taking back the america's cup from the australian's. the broadcaster was there and helped us out with the history.
6:36 pm
>> there is the gun. >> it was the late 80s a momentous win. falling to australia which end add 132-year streak for america. in 1987 he took it back. >> connor was brilliant. he has a boat now playing stars and stripes, then many it was an awak awakening. this means we have the opportunity to get cup and bring it was quite dramatic thing. certainly as the challenger, he fawned her at the end. america woke up. >> thank you, mr. president. >> i made you a personal promise to do everything i could to bring it black to america. here it is.
6:37 pm
>> obviously a lot has changed since 1987 and the last year alone the america's cup as undergone a revolution. >> the 34th got a lot of changes to it. the newness of the catamaran in san francisco and some compelling stories are going to cover the day. in the united states, we're territorial, we want to keep it. >> that's looking ahead but sure is fun to look back at that 198 even. gary johnson will be -- raj, you were saying that you were there in san diego? what's the story. >> i was. it was phenomenal. i liked it when last time when warren scott was on the boat and he was wet, he had the helmet on. he is more civil sized.
6:38 pm
>> thank you, lawrence. check it out. dancing to make a statement. senior citizens in a flash mob. >> and rob mayeda here in san francisco as we watch fleet week, the america's cup. giants playoff baseball, the 49ers, and strictly a hartley crickle a blue grass. it depends on the weather this weekend and we've got some changes showing up. we'll show you what those mean for your outdoor plans. [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising...
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yeah... think they made a mistake?s. i don't know - maybe. the fried cheese melt is back for just 4 bucks. 1 of 4 big 4-dollar meals on the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. open all night. >> a city filled with foodies this is bad. always disagreements over the
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red and white guides but this year's issue met with universal disapproval. it had nothing to do with the inside of the book. the problem is the outside on the spine. san francisco is spelled san franksicko. the publisher is recalling the guides and the correct version of the guide should be in stores in a few weeks. >> you know what a flash mob is? they are usually not associated with senior citizens until now. ♪ >> black eyed peas? part of san jose city hall. 50 men and women grooving to let's get it started. it was coordinate bid caremore health insurance when seniors can make changes to their medicare plan. they are all in the spirit of a healthy lifestyle. it was like a coordinated
6:42 pm
effort. it happened in san jose, effects and las vegas. >> i have to say that frond in the front she has moves. they have got some moves. >> speaking of which. >> henry, he's always got the right moves. >> you know, i got more moves than raj mathai. >> i agree. >> rhythm. coming up in sports, no doubt a huge weekend in the bay area. and we are covering the biggest events like nobody else. ahead, we have live performance from at&t park and detroit as the giants and a's prepare for their postseason openers.
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6:44 pm
>> in case you didn't know game one is tomorrow night at at&t park, the giants and the reds. the excitement is in full swing. here now joe rosato jr. who is seeing a lot of orange. >> guys are ready now. >> on a sunny friday afternoon, josh and mike sat outside at&t park. it was a sign fever had taken
6:45 pm
route. >> they are pretty good. >> but like any good fan josh didn't want to jings things by looking too far ahead. >> i think they are going to do well. >> go to the world series? >> maybe. >> as fans gathered for a preplayoff fan fest there were plenty with predictions. >> we're going all the way. we're going all the way. >> on saturday afternoon the giants begin their playoff run at home against the cincinnati reds. while fans were looking ahead. they were also looking back. >> i was watching world series in 2010 and i came out to the parade and stuff. just hoping they can do it again. >> romeo fired up the cloud including an excited michael pagandart. >> the best feeling to come out here and see all of the fans and the players.
6:46 pm
i got my parade search on. >> now after a season of ups and downs he's painting a picture of green and gold. >> i'm a bay area sports fan. today is san francisco and you know, a's, i love the a's, can't wait for a world series. another bay bridge series. >> nbc bay area news. >> this is the time of year when all of the kids get pulled out of school to go to games, parades. >> guilty of that ourselves. let's turn things over to rob rob. you got to make it nice for those ball games. >> in san francisco it is pretty windy and breezy. you're hearing the folks here on
6:47 pm
the uss as we pass sun set. it has been cool and windy. in fact, as we show you some of the temperatures as we get you closer to the big bay area week. let's show you what we've got in terms of the temperatures outs now. mostly in the 60s, golder than that, winds 15 to 20 miles per hour. as we show you the complete week as you'll see more of the same of what we had. partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. air show time, some low clouds and high clouds mixed for the america's cup. nice and windy for those wig sales. the giants versus the reds, the weather here better than what they see in detroit for the ace, we'll see partly cloudy skies, in the upper 60s and lastly t 49ers, you'll see numbers in the
6:48 pm
mid-60s as we wrap up the weekend. you saw the clouds. we have an upper level low off the coast which is approaching the coast by the end of the week. by the time we get to thond we could see. it's going to be a close call. most of the showers will hold off until the beginning of next week. so, temperatures for your saturday, low to mid 70s south of san jose, same around the tri-vall tri-valley. no 90s on the map. around the bay and the north bay highs to near 70. the bay area's big weekend, we'll be covering it all weekend long and nbc bay area as well. it looks good for the outdoor events. on the school side, or take your pick, a light jacket will be fine this weekend. taking us into the start of next
6:49 pm
week. so many things going on. the one that we chose they have been fantastic is the flight deck of the macon island you can inventory from 9 to 4:00 as you peck out the debate ridge. back to you. >> so many things to do. hard to make up your mind. i know you have it all planned out. >> i'm getting very confused. thanks, rob. >> over to henry in the comcast newsroom. which one should we pick? there is so much pressure of fun things to do. >> just sit in front of a couple of televisions. there's so much going on sport program is not going to do it. 162 game scheduled and complete with two wild card games going down. both teens were able to sit back and reax.
6:50 pm
we'll begin with the orange and blak. point tos held a at&t at the park. dusty baker and the reds. for more let's head out to third and king where jamie has the latest. >> henry, it will be matt cain for the giants tomorrow night and we know how dominant he was in 20010. not giving up an earned run the entire season. they gets the honor of having games. >> it's an honor and i'm excited about throwing game one. but it's something that i'm also trying to stay even keel with that hey, i need to make heert start. do well and i think we'll be in a good position. >> so consistent but you know, his attitude, he has been through a lot.
6:51 pm
we talks about the tough games that he lost. he's handled that very well. enjoy this time of year. and that means right on. he's learned to enjoy this and they have a great time in 2010. i want to come into this series, appreciate what you've done and i had the problem you had the great tomb team but you got to -- i realize how hard it is to get here. i think these guys will play like that. >> and manager bruce bochy waiting until after to announce his most season roster. bochy will take 12 pitches and for huff and sanchez, as for the a's, they are doing it up as well as is our kate live in
6:52 pm
detroit. >> jamie, it's pouring rain here at comerica park but before the rain came in both the a's and tigers were able to get in their workout and they announced that they're game one starter is derek parker going up against the jrs. he is the first rookie in history to start a game one in the postseason. he is also the second youngest for that coveted first dame. the right ander is a rookie, >> that means a lot. i don't want to put it into something and make it out to be a huge thing. we know it's a big game. it's huge. they won two weeks. i'm honored and what not. i want to get ready and be as prepared as you can. >> parker admitted to me he
6:53 pm
knows he has a tough task against this potent line-up but he said that he relishes the roll of david against goliath. let's work for them all season long. i'm kate longworth. >> before we get out of here, nl wild card game. cardinals and braves, top of the seventh. a grounder to short. ball gets away. thirst error for the braves. but the bottom of the eighth major drama. here is the pop-up. it's in the outfield. got it, no one gets it. so you think everyone is safe bases loaded. the problem is the umpire called the infield fly rule. that's not the infield. fredi gonzalez would protest. fans flew beer. it was out of hand.
6:54 pm
they stopped the game for nearly 20 minutes and they moved after all of that drama. a lot of people said man, that not fair. life since fair. i'm here and she's next to jessica aguirre. life is not fair. >> if you do a frequenty friday. >> exactly like swift all the time. thanks. watch sports net central at 10:30.
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>> tonight gearing up for the weekend, not just the hype but the traffic and weather. we'll have complete coverage, we invite you to go to our website to follow along or follow us on facebook or twitter. a lot of updates you need to know throughout the weekend. >> a lot of stuff where we're going to plan it like you know, like a plan. what's coming up? >> we've got a lot of news going on. we're going to have a live report from kate. she is live in detroit getting ready for the a's and the playoffs so that's exciting. we'll have the latest on the giants and the playoffs. >> we're everywhere. thank you. have a great evening ahead and a great weekend. see you back here at 11:00 as well. [ female announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits
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